Internet Safety

Internet Safety

At St Mary’s our guiding mission states:

“I have come so that they may have life, and life to the full”

God, in His infinite love, has called us into existence to be a sign of His loving care, gathering us together in the Parish of St Mary.

Therefore in our Parish School we seek to nourish God’s love in ourselves and in each other – children, staff and families.

Conscious of the dignity and worth of each person, we wish to develop their gifts, recognising their needs, thus helping them achieve their individual and unique potential in God’s plan of salvation.

“I am the vine, you the branches… whoever remains in me bears much fruit”

This policy is written to highlight the need to educate our pupils about the benefits and risks of using new technologies both in and away from school. It will also provide safeguards and rules to guide staff and pupils in their online experiences.

Teaching And Learning

1. The Importance Of The Internet And Digital Communications
The internet is an important part of 21st century life for education, business and social interaction. The school has a duty to provide pupils with quality internet access a part of their education. Internet use is part of the curriculum and a necessary tool for staff and pupils.

2. Internet Use Enhances Learning
The school internet access is designed expressly for pupil use and includes filtering appropriate to the age of the pupils. Pupils are taught what internet use is and is not acceptable and are given clear objectives for internet use.
Pupils are educated in the effective use of the internet for research, including the skills of knowledge location, retrieval and evaluation.

3. Evaluating Internet Content
The use of internet derived materials by staff and pupils must comply with copyright law. Pupils are taught the importance of cross checking information before accepting its accuracy.

Managing Internet Access

4. Information System Security
School ICT systems security and security strategies are reviewed and discussed regularly with an ICT technician from Ribblesdale High School. Virus protection is automatically updated using Sophos. If staff or pupils come across unsuitable online materials, the site must be reported to the e-safety coordinator. If memory sticks are used, the memory stick will be scanned to check for viruses before any files from the memory stick are opened.

5. E-Mail
On the school system, pupils may only use approved e-mail accounts, registered through school with our domain of Pupils will be logged into their email account by a member of staff and only members of staff will know the password, so that pupils cannot log into their school email account at home. Pupils must immediately tell a teacher if they receive offensive e-mail. In e-mail communication, pupils must not reveal their personal details or those of others, or arrange to meet anyone without specific permission. Incoming e-mail should be treated as suspicious and attachments not opened unless the author is known.

6. The School Website
The headteacher will take overall editorial responsibility and ensure that content is accurate and appropriate. Any contact details given online will be for the school office: staff or pupil personal contact information will not be published. Photographs of pupils will not be published with their names on the school website.

7. Social Networking
Pupils will not access social networking sites through the school system.
At Key Stage Two, pupils will be educated as to how to keep themselves safe if they use such sites outside of school and will be advised to never give out personal details of any kind which may identify them, their friends or their location.

8. Mobile Phones
Pupils are not permitted to bring mobile phones to school unless by prior arrangement with the Headteacher. The use of mobile phones by pupils will be kept under review.

9. Protecting Personal Data
Personal data will be recorded, processed, transferred and made available according to the Data Protection Act 1998.

Policy Decisions

10.Authorising Internet Access
All staff will read and sign the ‘Staff Code Of Conduct for ICT’. At Key Stage One, access to the internet will be by adult demonstration with directly supervised access to specific, approved online materials. At Key Stage Two, access to the internet is supervised during curriculum lessons and not permitted outside these times.

11.Assessing Risks
The school will take all reasonable precautions to prevent access to inappropriate material. However, due to the international scale of internet content, it is not possible to guarantee that unsuitable material will never appear on a computer connected to the school network.
The school will monitor use of ICT to establish if the e-safety policy is adequate and that the implementation of the e-safety policy is appropriate and effective.

12.Handling E-Safety Complaints
Any complaint about internet misuse by pupils or staff will be referred to and dealt with by the headteacher.
Communications Regarding E-Safety

13. Pupils
E-Safety rules will be posted in each room where computers are used regularly by pupils and the rules will be discussed with them. Pupils will be informed that internet use will be monitored and appropriately followed up.

14. Staff
All staff will be given this policy and staff training regarding e-safety will be kept up to date through LA training courses. The school will maintain a list of e-safety resources as an appendix to this policy.

15. Parents
The attention of parents and carers will be drawn to the e-safety policy and e-safety rules, as these will both be sent home for parents to discuss with pupils and pupils and parents will be asked to sign and return a Pupil and Parent Agreement for E-Safety, Internet Access and Use Of Pupil Images to be stored and adhered to in school. If staff hear of pupils using the internet or social networking sites at home inappropriately, they will inform parents.


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