New Starters September 2020

A very warm welcome to St. Mary's RC Primary School!


We are delighted that you will become part of our St. Mary's family from September 2020.  We can't wait to meet you all! 

As we have been unable to implement our plans for stay-and-play sessions and a parents' information meeting,  we have added some pictures and videos to watch with your children to introduce them to their new class teachers and to help them to see what our EYFS unit is like. We hope that this will help to ensure you child's transition is as smooth as possible.


We will use this page to keep in touch and keep you updated.


We have also attached some pictures of staff in school so your children can familiarise themselves with  faces they will see in September.



Best wishes,

Keep safe,


Mrs Coulthard (Headteacher)

The smiley faces that you will see around St.Mary's...

Mrs Day
Mrs. Walwinhome
Mr. Wormleighton
Miss. Stevenson
Mrs. Coulthard
Mrs. Jesthi
Mr. Kellett
Miss. Kellett

Pictures of our lovely school...

New Starters Booklet

Guidance for parents about transition