RE Teaching


Each week we have an assembly or worship to share the previous Sunday's Gospel in school.



Wednesday Word

Holy Week


During Holy Week each class held a special class assembly for the whole school and our school families.

In Classes 1 and 2 we learnt about the palms that people laid out for Jesus.  Our assembly told the story of Palm Sunday.
In Class 3 we wrote Lenten Promises and discussed how sometimes it is hard to be totally giving.  In our assembly we told the story of The Last Supper.

Class Worship


In our prayer circle we write and say special prayers.  Each pupil has their own Prayer Journal where they can record their own personal prayers and thoughts.


Class 3 - Remembering, Celebrating and Responding


We celebrated the energy of fire and wind, and the wonder and power of the Holy Spirit.

Class 4 have been thinking about what they might include on a class altar for their class worship.

Buddy Time Assemblies


Buddy Time is an important and special time during our busy week at St. Mary's.  This is a time when we all come together as a school family and all the children have the opportunity to spend time with their school buddy.  After each assembly the children take part in an activity with their buddy to enable them to further explore the themes of the assembly.


In the photographs below the children are listening to a story about living like Jesus and the importance of kindness.

Buddy Time prayers for spring and Headteacher awards

At St. Mary's we celebrate the talents that God has given us.  Each week awards are given for excellent work and respectful behaviour.  Our Mission Team also give an award to pupils from each key stage who are outstanding role models for our school.  


Class Assemblies


Class 3 have been working hard on a special assembly to share the story of Stone Soup with the rest of the school and our school families.  Jesus taught us that by sharing we end up with more.  In the story of Stone Soup, a beggar teaches a village that when they share their food with each other, they can all take part in a wonderful feast that would be far better than anything they could have made by themselves.

Christmas Concert for the Parish

Collecting for the local food bank

Rehearsals for the Christingle Service