Class 4

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Viking School days visit

26th September 2018


Dress as a viking for the day-see homework sheet for details.

Dressed as a 10th Century  a visiting Viking warrior will focus on the life story of one Norseman from birth to death.

Through curriculum-relevant role play, questioning and activities he will  encourage  each pupils to ask perceptive questions:

  • Who were the Vikings?
  • Why did they leave their homeland?
  • How did the Vikings live and do battle?
  • What did the Vikings believe about life after death?
  • How do we even know the Vikings existed?
  • How did the Viking shape the history of modern Britain?

He will provide on his visit  exact copies of real artefacts found through archaeological investigation


     Welcome to class 4


Our topic this term is A Kingdom United. 

We will be looking at the united Kingdom, finding out where this name came from and what it means to us today.


In History and Geography we will be looking at how our Island has changed over time.

We will focus on how people have invaded and settled in Britain and look at how that has changed the way we live today.

Our visiting Viking will explain to us how life was different in his life time and help us to understand why the Vikings invaded and settles in Britain.