Class 4

Class 4 has talent!

Last Friday St Mary`s children were entertained by class 4.

The Hosts of the show were are very own Ant and Dec`s,

who introduced each act with great enthusiasm.

We had magic by the Magical duo.

Music by Live it Lyds

The impractical jokers

The Christmas crackers

An unnamed group of dancers

The Cool jokers

Then last but not least - The dancing firework.

Class 4 sang `We wish you a merry Christmas` to an amazed  audience.

Thank you to class 4 for all your amazing talents and enthusiasm.

Class 4 Talent Show

Class 4 Talent Show 1
Class 4 Talent Show 2
Class 4 Talent Show 3
Class 4 Talent Show 4
Class 4 Talent Show 5
Class 4 Talent Show 6
Class 4 Talent Show 7
Class 4 Talent Show 8
Class 4 Talent Show 9
Class 4 Talent Show 10
Class 4 Talent Show 11
Class 4 Talent Show 12
Class 4 Talent Show 13


     Welcome to class 4


Our topic this term is Britain`s got talent. We have looked at Classical music, Classical Art and the old classic film Chitty, Chitty, Bang Bang.


We have many talented children in Class 4, As part of their homework they have  presented Power Points and shared Art work and crafts with us. Our next event is a class talent show, which everyone is very excited about.

We are also busy getting ready for our Christingle service, on the 18th December at 6.30. We hope you can join us!


English- Story writing

             -Play review

Maths -Fractions and Decimals

Curriculum -Science -Light 

Religious- Advent belonging


Hothersall Lodge

Hothersall Lodge 1
Hothersall Lodge 2
Hothersall Lodge 3
Hothersall Lodge 4
Hothersall Lodge 5
Hothersall Lodge 6
Hothersall Lodge 7
Hothersall Lodge 8
Hothersall Lodge 9
Hothersall Lodge 10
Hothersall Lodge 11
Hothersall Lodge 12

Class 4 Talent show

The children in class 4 impressed the school with their amazing talents, including jokes, dances, acrobats, singers and much more.

It was a great team effort, introduced by our very own Ant and Dec. Thank you to all of them for their hard work, confidence and spectacular talents.

I can see we have many stars for the future!