Class 4

Please make sure that all belongings are clearly labelled with your child's full name as we are getting a number of items left daily that are unclaimed or are taken home by other children in error.  Many thanks for your help with this. 




Well done Year 6.  SATS week is now over and we thank you for all of your hard work and they way you have supported each other both with the preparation for the tests and the calm and confident way you all met the challenges of the week.

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Breakfast with the bears was a yummy start to each day.
Thank you to all of the parents for their continued support and encouragement.  They should be very proud of all of the children and all they have accomplished throughout year 6.
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A tasty end!

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A huge thank you to Mrs Dowsons for their tasty treats that they hand delivered after the final paper was finished.  Class 4 had a wonderful time celebrating the end of this year's tests.

Saint Augustine`s RC High School Primary Science and Mathematics Quiz 2018

Saint Augustine`s RC High School           Primary Science and Mathematics Quiz 2018 1
Saint Augustine`s RC High School           Primary Science and Mathematics Quiz 2018 2 Excellent team work
Saint Augustine`s RC High School           Primary Science and Mathematics Quiz 2018 3
Saint Augustine`s RC High School           Primary Science and Mathematics Quiz 2018 4

A proud team

A proud team 1
Well done Year 6, we were proud of the way you worked together as a team at the Primary science and  Mathematics  Quiz.  You displayed amazing skills in your abilities, to  guess the magnified images and  great concentration on the Madagascar - identifying round.

 Heroes and Villains

This term we have been looking at Heroes and Villains. We have had fun creating a recipe for a Villain, adding lots of nasty ingredients to the mix. At home the children have been busy designing and making masks, in the image of their chosen Villain.

Next we went on to study a range of inspirational people, who are Heroes in our eyes. People like Mother Teresa, Lady Diana Spencer and Amelia Mary Earhart. The children wrote a Biography on their chosen Hero, taking their choice from History, Film, Sport and the world of music.

In Religion  we looked at how Jesus is depicted in the Bible, we had a debate to decide if Jesus is our Hero. We based our assembly on our findings...

Jesus our Hero

Luke 4 14-15

"Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the spirit, and news about him spread through the whole countryside. He was teaching in their synagogues and everyone praise him."


Our aim is to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, being a hero in the eyes of those who we love and care for.


In our assembly we dressed as our chosen Hero for the day. We agreed that anyone can be a Hero, shown by their words and actions. Many of the children came dressed as a family member, someone who had looked after them during their lives or someone they admired. 


Hero for a day.

Hero for a day. 1
Hero for a day. 2
Hero for a day. 3
Hero for a day. 4
Hero for a day. 5
Hero for a day. 6
Hero for a day. 7
Hero for a day. 8
Hero for a day. 9


                Work for missed snow days


I hope that you are all safe, happy and warm with your families. I have included below some activities to keep you busy. Remember your homework sheets and your daily reading. Complete the tasks below on any paper, if your homework book is at school. Golden points will be given for completion of each task. Don`t forget your French homework -to design a mask.

Enjoy snow time and make the most of family time together.

                                                                                     Mrs Clarke




Learn your shape names.

Draw as many 2D shapes as you can, label their properties.

Draw lines of symmetry on each of the shapes.

Measure each shape accurately and find their perimeter.

create a pattern using one of the shapes rotated from a point, of your choice.

Year 6

Download a sats paper 2015 Arithmetic-speed test yourself. Remember to use jottings, where needed.

Read your home reader, complete a character study. Look at the relationship of the main character with other people or animals in your book. Use a full range of punctuation- including a dash!

Write seven extended sentences about your day. Underline and identify, each clause-main, subordinate or relative.

Find out fascinating facts about about a subject of your choice. Design a fact box including these facts. Draw and label a diagram to support your studies.



Think about how Abi and Morgan help at home -follow their example.

How could you, in Lent,safely help someone today. 

Could you ring or write to your grandparents or an elderly relative? 

Could you clear some snow away from someones front  door?

Could you help out at home?

Keep a diary of what you do and the impact it has on others.



Class 4 has talent!

Last Friday St Mary`s children were entertained by class 4.

The Hosts of the show were are very own Ant and Dec`s,

who introduced each act with great enthusiasm.

We had magic by the Magical duo.

Music by Live it Lyds

The impractical jokers

The Christmas crackers

An unnamed group of dancers

The Cool jokers

Then last but not least - The dancing firework.

Class 4 sang `We wish you a merry Christmas` to an amazed  audience.

Thank you to class 4 for all your amazing talents and enthusiasm.

Class 4 Talent Show

Class 4 Talent Show 1
Class 4 Talent Show 2
Class 4 Talent Show 3
Class 4 Talent Show 4
Class 4 Talent Show 5
Class 4 Talent Show 6
Class 4 Talent Show 7
Class 4 Talent Show 8
Class 4 Talent Show 9
Class 4 Talent Show 10
Class 4 Talent Show 11
Class 4 Talent Show 12
Class 4 Talent Show 13


     Welcome to class 4


Our topic this term is Britain`s got talent. We have looked at Classical music, Classical Art and the old classic film Chitty, Chitty, Bang Bang.


We have many talented children in Class 4, As part of their homework they have  presented Power Points and shared Art work and crafts with us. Our next event is a class talent show, which everyone is very excited about.

We are also busy getting ready for our Christingle service, on the 18th December at 6.30. We hope you can join us!


English- Story writing

             -Play review

Maths -Fractions and Decimals

Curriculum -Science -Light 

Religious- Advent belonging


Hothersall Lodge

Hothersall Lodge 1
Hothersall Lodge 2
Hothersall Lodge 3
Hothersall Lodge 4
Hothersall Lodge 5
Hothersall Lodge 6
Hothersall Lodge 7
Hothersall Lodge 8
Hothersall Lodge 9
Hothersall Lodge 10
Hothersall Lodge 11
Hothersall Lodge 12

Class 4 Talent show

The children in class 4 impressed the school with their amazing talents, including jokes, dances, acrobats, singers and much more.

It was a great team effort, introduced by our very own Ant and Dec. Thank you to all of them for their hard work, confidence and spectacular talents.

I can see we have many stars for the future!