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Welcome to Class 1!


Matthew 5:16


Thank you from Mrs Lee and I for your continued support for your child's education. Please continue to send in pictures of any magic moments you have with your children at home as we love to see them and share them in class! Please feel free to have a chat with us either before or after school, or alternatively you can use the contact form below.



EYFS PE daily movement activities

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Other Suggested Games and Activities

  • Put on a favourite song and dance along
  • Go for a family walk or cycle (try to choose a time when it is quiet and remember to observe social distancing rules)
  • Create a basic circuit of your favourite exercises
  • Make up obstacle courses

Week 5: Dinosaur Pirates

So, the attendance trophy is back in Class 1 again this week for 100% attendance – well done!


We’ve had another busy week as it has been National Story Telling Week, Mental Health Awareness Week and we’ve been continuing our dinosaur topic too. In class this week we have been:

  • Retelling stories with our friends
  • Writing kindness letters to each other to help us feel good about ourselves (linking into Mental Health Awareness Week)
  • Making kindness cards for each other
  • Practising yoga (also linking in to Mental Health Awareness Week)
  • Making up stories about dinosaurs on one of the tuff spots
  • Ordering dinosaurs in size order
  • Finding lots of different ways to make numbers
  • Pretending to be dinosaurs outside
  • And, we have loved being back in the mud kitchen in the better weather we have had this week!


Thank you for the absolutely amazing dinosaurs you have all made at home with your children. Don’t forget out Outdoor Maths event on Tuesday 11th February at 1.30. All family members welcome to come and explore some engaging outdoor maths activities! We will have all of the dinosaurs on show then for you to see!

Week 4: The Very Hungry Caterpillar/Dinosaurs

Our attendance was amazing once again this week but we have finally been beaten by another Class - well done Class 2 for winning the attendance trophy!


We have spent half of our week on the Very Hungry Caterpillar this week, with pre-school retelling the story and Reception writing sentences about different days of the week from the story. 


In the second half of our week we started our dinosaur topic and we read the story Dinosaurs Love Underpants. 

We have also:

  • Sang five little speckled frogs and practised counting
  • Practised our number bonds to 5
  • Used the brand new Numicon (foam and plastic coloured shapes linked to each number)
  • Used our fine motor skills to wrap parcel tape round the legs of a table and then peel it off again (again, not in our planning for the week but a great use of fine motor skills!)
  • Used timers and counted how many of each activity we could do in 1 minute/ 2 minutes
  • Practised jumping and hopping
  • Designed our own underpants linked to the story
  • Coloured dinosaur pictures
  • Made music using various instruments outside. 


It has been another great week of learning Class 1 - keep up the amazing work! Don't forget - your dinosaurs are due into school on Tuesday 4th February.

Week 3: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Wow - the attendance trophy is getting comfy in Class 1. 100% attendance this week is amazing - well done!!


We've had a wonderful week again. We have been:

  • mark making in shaving foam outside (sorry if your child/ren's coats came home covered in it!)
  • using doubling ladybirds to find out how to double numbers, 
  • timing ourselves building towers out of bricks
  • playing 'What time is it Mr Wolf'
  • using our fine motor skills to stick tiny stickers on swirly snail shells
  • rescuing Numicon from the spiders web and putting them in the pot with the correct numeral on
  • parking our cars in the high frequency word car park
  • writing birthday invitations
  • painting a Very Hungry Caterpillar and all the food he ate
  • practising our number bonds
  • learning and writing about the life cycle of a butterfly

I do not know how the children manage to fit so much learning into one week! Don't forget you've got another week and a half to complete your dinosaurs at home. 

Week 2: The Very Hungry Caterpillar


For the second week in a row we have won the attendance award - well done Class 1! The trophy is taking pride of place in our home corner.


We've done some brilliant work in class this week!


We all made tissue paper butterflies which are now stuck on our windows making our classroom look beautiful! We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and we all joined in with the repeated refrain 'but he was STILL hungry!'. Then in provision we have ordered the story and retold it orally. We counted how many of each fruit there were and put pegs on the correct numeral, working on both our maths skills and our fine motor skills. Some children counted upto 20 of some of the fruit!


We have been working on our physical development outside as well; using the bikes, the seesaw and throwing and catching. This has linked to our maths work on time. Some of the photos are action shots so they are a little blurry from when we have been jumping or catching but they show us in the moment loving our learning! 


Some children have been 'jumping in and swimming in the swimming pool' in their imaginative play whilst others have been singing Shine Jesus Shine and He's Got the Whole World in His Hands.


The children all have areas which they particularly like to access. However, this week it has been great to see some children choosing areas that they don't normally go to. A group of boys were having a birthday tea party in the cosy corner, and another group of children were using wooden planks and crates outside. Well done Class 1.


Don't forget to be making your dinosaurs at home!

Week 1: Minibeasts


What a busy week we have had in Class 1! 


We won the very first St Mary's Attendance Award this week. Attendance is absolutely key to children attaining well at school so I am really proud of you all for having such brilliant attendance this week, well done!


In the pictures below you can see some of our learning this week. We measured how high the bugs have jumped, investigated minibeasts with magnifying glasses, made caterpillars out of cheerios and made cutting machines to cut the school roof and doors off...which wasn't in the planning for the week! However, it was a great use of the outdoor equipment and those children demonstrated some brilliant teamwork skills! I'm already looking forward to seeing what next week will bring.

Please make sure that all belongings are clearly labelled with your child's full name as we are getting a number of items left daily that are unclaimed or are taken home by other children in error.  Many thanks for your help with this. 

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