Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!



Thank you for entrusting us with your child/children and for all of your support with their education. Please email me ( with photos of any special times you share with your children as we love to share them in class! Please feel free to chat to me after school, or if you don't pick your child up you can ring school (01254 812543) and arrange a time for us to chat instead. 






Wanted posters

Following on from our 'break in', in Class 1, we made wanted posters with drawings and descriptions of who we thought had broken into our classroom. Today, we put them up around school in the hope that someone recognizes the person/creature from our drawings. I've got a sneaky suspicion that we'll find out straight after the holidays who it was!

Class 1's crime scene! 

When Class 1 arrived at school this morning they were met with a 'crime scene'! Someone had broken in and messed up our classroom. They decided we should ring the police to report we did! The police then came to visit us this afternoon to investigate. We all loved learning about the police, trying on their uniform and sitting in the police car with the sirens on. We are going to continue to investigate the 'break in' and find out who it was by the end of the week!

The Wild Boar Park 


We had a great day at The Wild Boar Park! We saw so many different animals and learnt lots about them. Maybe you could look at the website at home and see if you remember the names of any of them? 


We also loved the tractor ride, the playground, and the muddy puddles! 

We love it when it rains - mark making with powder paint in puddles!

EYFS PE daily movement ideas


Online Resources available:

Other Suggested Games and Activities

  • Put on a favourite song and dance along
  • Go for a family walk or cycle (try to choose a time when it is quiet and remember to observe social distancing rules)
  • Create a basic circuit of your favourite exercises
  • Make up obstacle courses

Phonics Video

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How to say the different sounds