Our Church

At St Mary's, we are blessed to have our church literally a stone's throw away from our school. St Mary's Osbaldeston is a beautiful little church and we try to visit for services and Mass as often as possible. 

Our Parish Priest is Father David Yates and Sunday Mass is at 3pm.



Easter 2022

Each class visited our church during Holy Week to partake in the Stations of the Cross. For us, the Stations of the Cross were a prayer journey. We read these fourteen stations to learn about what happened to Jesus when he died. When we saw how much Jesus suffered, we realise just how much he loved us. We said prayers of thanks and love every step of his way. When things are tough in our own lives, we can imagine what it was like to be in Jesus’ sandals. We can remember that after all Jesus went through, God raised him from the dead and took him to heaven.