Uniform Information

Uniform is available from RVS,  Whittaker’s Blackburn and Grays.



School Uniform List 2020 onwards


  • Skirts – Checked (tartan type) fabric in a box pleated style: grey, white and dark purple
  • Pinafore if preferred: Checked (tartan type) fabric in a box pleated style: grey, white and dark purple: these are more expensive than the skirts.
  • School Jumpers (Boys and Girls) – V necked, purple with logo
  • School Ties (Boys and Girls*) – Striped purple/grey. Either Velcro style or short traditional style. *Ties are optional for Pre-school and Reception pupils.


These items are available from Gray’s or Whittaker’s in Blackburn some items also available from RVS ( they don’t currently have the newer PE uniform).


From High Street stores:

  • Tailored trousers or Shorts (Boys and Girls) – Charcoal Grey
  • Blouses/Shirts (Boys and Girls) – White, short sleeved
  • Socks/Tights – Grey
  • Shoes – Black, no trainers/fashion shoes.



  • Boys and Girls – as winter. (In hot weather ties can be left off and shirts open at the neck!)
  • Girls Optional – “gingham style” dresses lilac and white – many styles available at  high street stores


  • Boys and Girls – purple t shirt with logo
  • Boys and Girls – purple hoody with logo
  • Boys and Girls – Plain black shorts
  • Boys and Girls – Black tracksuit pants for cold/winter wear (logo)
  • Boys and Girls – Trainers for outdoor use and black “pumps” for indoor use


One final PLEA!!!!


Please label all uniform items! We always have a pile of unmarked uniform – jumpers and cardigans especially. Children do take these off and forget to put them back on!


  • Indelible pens can be used to write on the labels.
  • Nametags are available through the uniform suppliers