Religious Education at St Mary's

Weekly Assembly

At St Mary's, we have a weekly assembly led by Mrs Coulthard. The assembly is rooted in the previous Sunday's mass readings. To help children develop their relationship with God, films, stories, songs and animations are often used which are always followed by prayer and reflection. 


Daily Worship

As well as prayers at the start of the day, before lunch and at the end of the day our Mission Team lead the classes in daily worship after lunch each day. This follows on from the gospel theme from the Monday assembly and is adapted for the youngest children. 



The Wednesday Word

  • The Primary School Wednesday Word is an outreach which shares Sunday's Gospel with all school families, in a unique way.
  • The 'electronic' weekly handouts consist of high-quality Sunday Gospel leaflets and booklets which are posted on our website for children each week - as a gift.
  • This is a weekly Gospel 'gift' from the school to the child to take home, which then becomes a 'gift' from the child to the whole family.
  • Due to current disruption, printing and subscriptions are paused for now. So the Wednesday Word are offering free-of-charge 'online' editions of The Wednesday Word, until things settle down.
  • The link to the Wednesday Word is 

Religious Education Syllabus

At St Mary's, we follow the 'Come and See' scheme for Religious Education. It has​​​​​​​ been written by a group of experienced diocesan advisors. It is based on the theological foundations of the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Catechism and the revised RE Curriculum Directory and includes the Catholic attainment levels.



Christingle Service 2021

On Tuesday 14th December, we held our Christingle service in our school hall. We had originally planned to hold the service in church on Wednesday evening but unfortunately due to Covid-19 our plans had to be changed. 

The Mission Team led us in prayer and readings from the prophet Isiah as well as Matthew and Luke's Gospels. We sang carols including Once in Royal David's City, It Was on a Starry Night, Oh Come All Ye Faithful and Silent Night. The Mission Team taught us about the meaning behind the Christingle and what each component signifies. This was further embedded as we sang 'Sing Christingle!'.