Class 2

Welcome to Class 2


'Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it'~ Proverbs 22:6


CLASS 2 P.E. will take place every Wednesday and Thursday



Dear Parents / Carers,


Here we are, into the second half of our year together already!  As we start to see some promising signs of Spring and the days get longer and brighter, the countdown to Easter will, as always, be a very special time for all of us at St Mary’s.  During this season of Lent, we have World Book Day, The Biggest Ever Girls Football Session, our Dance Festival and lots of exciting learning opportunities to looks forward to!  This half-term will also feature our next parents evening and I can’t wait to see you all and tell you about the incredible progress your children are making!


As ever, please know that my door is always open to you and you are more than welcome to bob in and have a chat.  You can either speak to me at the start or end of a school day, phone the office or email me any time at  If I am in not in Class 2 at the end of the day, you will find me in Class 4!


In English we will be starting our half-term with a grammar focus, using the picture book The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers as our inspiration.  We will then be writing both formal and informal letters based on this text.  In the second half of this half-term, we will be writing a longer narrative using a range of creative writing skills inspired by the picture book The Building Boy by Ross Montgomery.


In Maths Year 1 children will be mastering numbers up to 50 before learning how to add and subtract numbers within 20.  Year 2 children will be counting money and beginning to learn how to multiply and divide.


In Science we will be starting our new topic all about plants.  The children will be identifying and naming a range of plants and trees, before looking at their structure.  As Spring arrives, we will be applying this knowledge during our third seasonal observation of Spring.  In the second half of our half-term, we will be starting another new topic all about animals, including humans.  Our first focus will be looking at the human body, its parts and their purpose.


In R.E. the children will be taught by Mrs Lee.  The children will be completing their topic about Mass and understanding that Mass is Jesus' special meal.  They will then be learning about and celebrating all of the events leading up to Easter Sunday.  The children will be learning about how Lent can be a time for change and we will be making a conscious effort to act, give and pray more during this time.


In P.E. children will be learning to use space and pass a ball, before learning how to win a ball and work as a team to score points.  In the second half of our our half-term children will be further developing their ball skills through tennis inspired games.  They will initially focus on controlling a ball with a racket and aim to acquire the skills used to accurately strike a ball.


In Geogrpahy the children will be learning all about hot and cold places.  They will be exploring a range of places, their features, the animals that live there and thinking about how they would pack a suitcase if they were to jet off to these places!


In Computing the children will be taught by Miss Seed.  This half-term the children are learning how to use a computer to a variety of artwork.


In Music the children will be learning under a theme of 'By the sea'.  They will be writing and performing from a graphic score using vocal and body sounds.


Homework Please follow the link below to see all information about this half-term's homework.


The Class 2 Team

Miss Halstead – Class Teacher

Miss Thornber – Trainee Teacher, supporting English, Phonics, Guided Reading and Maths

Miss Seed – Teaching computing (Monday)

Mrs Lee - Teaching R.E. (Tuesday)

Miss Pinn - Teaching Geography (Thursday)


Personal Belongings


We have had A LOT of hoodies being swapped or going missing in the last half-term.  Lots of uniform remains unnamed.  Please may you ensure that all items belonging to your child are clearly and permanently labelled.  It is helpful if your child can recognise their own name labels so that they can collect their own belongings at the end of a school day.


Once again, please do not hesitate to approach me if you have any questions at all throughout the year either at our classroom door or on  


God bless,


Miss Halstead