The 5 "W's"

At St Mary's we aim to live by the 5W's. This is a framework created by the Diocese of Salford to ensure we live our lives by the values at the roots of Christianity; they help us to aspire to be like God. The 5W's are:   Welcome; Word; Witness; Welfare; Worship




At St Mary's all are WELCOME in God's name; we are all God's children. We do our best to include all within our community and we celebrate our diversity. Together with our Rights Respecting School award, we aim to build self esteem, respect for all and a sense of community under the umbrella of God.


Our school community is inspired by the WORD of God. Teaching and learning within Religious Education is one way in which we do this at St Mary's. Through our scheme, "Come and See" we encourage all members of our school to engage with life's "Big Questions".





As witnesses to the Word of God, Christ is at the centre of all that we do at St Mary's. This principle is maintained across the full curriculum and life of our school. We are witnesses to the Word of God in our actions and our behaviour. We extend this WITNESS beyond our school community to reach out to others.


As a Rights Respecting School, St Mary's puts the WELFARE of all at the heart of our community. We respect the rights and dignity of every individual as a child of God made in His likeness. 



We use the Word of God to nurture our spirituality. Through WORSHIP opportunities we reflect on spiritual, moral social and cultural issues. At St Mary's we encourage active participation in Liturgy, Collective Worship, personal reflection and meditation.